Monday, September 13, 2010

Jia Peng Lei: "diversity" denatured

"I have a dream" - Many Chinese companies have said that fun is a lot of people say objective is "China's GE". Either Founder or Haier, Lenovo, whether or BOE, but there are numerous, fewer successes than failures.

The failure of diversification, I think there is no fixed answer. Culture is not fixed, the water has no fixed form. Specific to each business practice not to mention the process of diversification of the problem, even a large environment, I am afraid that their feelings are not the same. This is the hottest with the current international trend similar to, anyone can call international, but really made a few more?

Negative association can be called a typical diversified. However, if we try to find a typical reason, I am afraid will make us think. Shouted slogans from the diversification to the official declaration of the 2001 failure of the 2004 variety, in fact, Lenovo's performance did not decline significantly because of diversification, at best marking time. Why, then, it will become a classic? Because the prominent position, or the limelight too fresh? During that period, Lenovo's acquisition of dazzling movement, want to become another "IBM" the ambition to write in the forehead.

The way in finding the process of growing up, not just think diversity is found in section diameter. Should be on diversification, Founder Group, is the most famous. In its heyday, but even the Founder Group, when the family can not remember the number of its companies.

China's GE, is the Founder Group chairman Wei Xin is currently still say a word until today. Wei Xin said that all the eggs are placed in IT industry, the risk is too high. He wanted to do a larger chassis, and then a layer of a layer of the pyramid base. Now, the pyramid of the tower bottom already have IT, medical, pharmaceutical, beverage, steel, securities, finance, rare earth, playgrounds and other kinds of bricks.

In fact, if we look at the major shareholder of Lenovo - Lenovo Holdings today's development trend, perhaps they will understand, times are different, understanding of diversity has changed.

Legend Holdings is now one of the most powerful, although Liu's exposure has been a little boom. In its subsidiary, IT, distribution, real estate, logistics, food, auto parts, air cast so good momentum emerged. Moreover, all the basic operations in various fields have become the blue chip stocks, Liu's vision and courage is commendable.

Lenovo Group, the diversity of the year, it is not really diversified? We take a look, it has done, whether software, hardware, services, finance, consulting, etc., while looking confused, in fact, are in the IT circles round and round. This is not not a good way, because among the countless different businesses can complement each other well. Unfortunately, selling Lenovo PC descent beyond the control of these relationships. Only one control to - a face difficulties, we are faced with difficulties, become "trouble the same as" good brothers.

Some people asked, Liu able to control the current diversity of Legend Holdings, are beyond the control of wound up on the Lenovo? Does not seem entirely human reason, or on the "diversity" to understand wrong. However, we can not say that the road on the way, how to get to the next step is hard to say. However, we only know that the stand point of Legend Holdings, is the internationalization and diversification have made a "stage victory", is indeed gratifying.

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